Remove the Block Between Your
Powerful Insights and Your Real
Experience of Massive Results.

Don't spin your wheels, even in
one or two areas of your life.

Learn This Simple Three-Step
Process and Transform Your
Powerful Insights Into
Powerful Results.

My name is Ken Stone and I want to tell you about a life-altering experience of mine -- one that may change YOUR life.

In 2007, while on a journey to discover my own spiritual path, I learned of an extraordinary ability. I learned I can energetically facilitate a space where you fully experience your own internal power, grace, and joy. Your connection to the Divine. In this space you can transform your powerful insights to powerful results.

It doesn't matter how skeptical you are:

It does matter how many other techniques, processes, or practitioners you've tried that haven't worked;

Doesn't matter whether you know how to meditate or not;

Old or young -- no matter.

You can believe or not and you know what? You're right! It just doesn't matter! Irrelevant!

What ever your current physical health, mental health, or spiritual health, you have a space inside you where you can transform your powerful insights to powerful results right now. Everyone does.

I've already helped thousands of people around the world. I would love to help you as well.

I teach my clients a simple yet profound three-step process called "Going Beneath the Sand," and my clients tell me they transform from profound insights, to profound insights and the experience of their inner power, grace, and joy. My clients tell me this process leads to traction in their lives in areas they were previously stuck. That they transform from powerful insights to powerful results.

I've created this self study course so that you can learn this process at your own pace, without waiting for an appointment with me, at a fraction of the cost of the accelerated initial session package (which is the Going Beneath the Sand process in a series of private sessions). I've included all the necessary resources for completing the process as well as implementation in your daily life.

The first time through the process takes about three weeks. This is the same amount of time that I go through this process in private session. With the self study course, I've included some additional resources to ensure that whatever challenges you're facing, you have what you need to clear it out during the first step: Clearing and Alignment.

Think of it this way, there's likely a significant amount of "stuff" that's built up during your life that's getting in the way of you experiencing results that should be coming from the spiritual insights you already have. Getting rid of that "stuff" does not happen with the wave of a magic wand. Consider this: have any of the programs or processes that promised you magic wand like results worked?

I've experimented with the best timeframe for experiencing this process, and three weeks is the best, hands down. We humans need some time for integration. It takes some time for our minds and bodies to catch up to what is happening at the deepest levels energetically through my process.

Each step of my process is simple and involves nothing more than turning on a recording of a session I conducted and letting yourself go through the process. The most you'll do on any given day is a two-hour guided process. Once you've completed all three steps, you're ready to include Going Beneath the Sand in your daily practice, which takes about 30-minutes each day (I recommend doing this 30-minute process two times a day for optimal results).

Clients regularly report about this process "it doesn't feel like work."

One said: "I hate to meditate, but I love your stuff." When I asked why she said: "I never have to do anything, and I feel relaxed, connected, and so much more that I can't put into words - every time."

Get ready for traction in your life. To transform from stuck to unstuck. Enroll in this course now and start changing your life immediately. And experience what you've always known, but have struggled to experience: The Ken Stone
Divine is flowing inside of you. Without reservation
or qualification, your Divine power is available to you right now. The strongest source of this power is you. It doesn't matter what has come before in your life, what you have done to others, or what has been done to you.

You can transform your powerful insights to powerful results, right now. Let me show you how.



Throughout my "Going Beneath the Sand" self study online course, I share and facilitate these experiences for you:

How to remove the block between your powerful insights and your real experience of massive results.

The complete three-step process for reconnecting to your inner power and experience real traction in your life. I call this process "Going Beneath The Sand."

How to experience the deep inner peace and joy you've been longing for your entire life.

How to experience joy in your life by experiencing yourself as the whole being you are.

How to love yourself the way the Divine loves you by experiencing the divine inside yourself.

How to gain new powerful spiritual insights into your life, your journey, and what is blocking you from experiencing powerful results in every area of your life.

How to have a healthier body and mind by utilizing this simple, yet profound, process that will tune your body and mind to the frequency of perfect health.

How to tune your mind, body, and spirit to be in your natural state of grace so you can have the amazing life you want to live by experiencing the profound insights you already know.
The Life You Want

How to integrate this process
into your life, so you can experience your newfound power, peace, and joy
in every part of your life .

Your success in the course is NOT dependant on your beliefs or ability.

Success is dependant on going through each step of the process. You
can complete this self paced experience in as little as 22 days.

Praise for
Going Beneath The Sand:

Ken has one of the most beautiful and gentle souls I've ever known. He is like a master tuner of fine instruments with ability to energetically touch the physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies and re-tune them to the Divine perfection that they are meant to naturally be. 

-- Rachael Jayne Groover, Founder: The Yin Project
Author: Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract The Attention you Want.

I think the better word for what Ken does, is "bless." Truly, I feel the angelic, fairy, and ascended masters present and assisting Ken during his sessions! I have had some wonderful healing work done on me by some very powerful healers and Ken is, bar none, THE most powerful healing force I have ever encountered. Truly, truly amazing and miraculous! Whoa!

- Angelique Love Singer - Aurora, Colorado

I used to always feel like I had a hole in my heart and Ken helped me clear an energetic dagger from my heart. After that, I was able to feel true gratitude for the first time in my life.

- R.K.

Ken Stone’s gift is to open the doors which allow you to connect with your God-Essence or True-Self.

During this reunion, Ken facilitates the healing of soul wounds and provides the opportunity for soul retrieval. The process is uncomplicated and profound.

Any number of emotions can arise from the client during this time and all are allowed without fear, judgment or expectation. Express them freely as you find your way back to your Source. Then feel grief and sorrow fade as reunion to Source emerges.

In this safe space you are easily guided to reconnect to the God that is within you, as well as all around you. All illusions of separation become transparent.

- Katarah Udarro

There's an interesting question that always comes up
about doing this type of work through recordings:

A Client Asks "How is What I'm Experiencing With this Recording Possible?"


I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel within for you and the opportunity to learn and grow. I simply cannot put this into words. I have been attempting to for the past five minutes and erase everything I write as it just doesn't say what I cannot express!!

However, the movement of events in my life have been - well, things are simply clearing! I am so grateful for the alignment I am beginning to experience and so overcome with joy as "stuff" leaves me.

Okay, I do have a question. Ken, how is it that I feel you "plug in" when I am listening to a recording?

I almost feel I could have a conversation with you soul to soul. Come on now, that's almost eery - help me out here......



Rose Englund

I wrote back:


The short answer is that time and space are part of the mirror - they are an illusion. Just as separation from the Divine is an illusion. Once you crack through that illusion - all the veils come down together. What's sort of interesting to me is that it's not dependant on "your" beliefs about it (I don't mean you in particular - anyone). I think it has to do with my beliefs - or reaching to the truth - what is real. Since we're dancing in the space of what is real (in a recorded session) all illusions fall away.

How does that meet with your own guidance system?



Ken - Yes, your answer sent chills through my body, followed by feelings of peace and happiness. Thanks so much!



Here's What's Included in The Course:

The Divine Connecting Breath Training Video and MP3 Download ($225 value).

From My Heart: This weekly email is filled with information, inspiration, and opportunities to connect and explore more deeply your own gifts and spiritual journey ($200 value).

Three simple additional energy techniques (video and downloadable MP3) that will help you manage your energy and uplift yourself each day ($135 value).

Downloadable MP3 of a live Divine Connecting Breath class - includes questions from participants and GREAT information ($225 value).

My brand new E-Book "Going Beneath The Sand: How to fully experience your connection to the Divine and transform your powerful insights into powerful results." In this book I introduce and outline the simple yet profound three-step process I will be teaching you and that you'll be experiencing during this self study course. My clients report this process allows them to know and experience their powerful spiritual insights - their inner power, peace, and joy. I anticipate a release date of May 13, 2011. As soon as it's available you'll be able to download it and start reading. ($85 value).

The 10-minute Divine Connecting Breath MP3 (the free training video and MP3 are 40-minutes each) for use in your daily practice ($37.50 value).

Three 90-minute group clearing session MP3s to prepare for the Beneath the Sand Experience ($1,012.50 value).

Three Q&A session MP3's recorded live following the group clearing sessions ($150 value).

More than 6 hours of recordings spread over three MP3's to guide you through each of the three steps involved in the process you'll be experiencing ($1,350 value).

Two studio recordings of the guided Beneath the Sand experience for use in your daily practice ($300 value).

ADDED BONUS: "Tune Your Intentions for 2011" MP3 ($225 value).

Permanent online access to all components of this course (MP3's, videos, and written resources) ($225 value).

TOTAL VALUE of More Than $4,100.

Contact me at any time within the next 60 days if you're not completely satisfied with your results from this course, and receive a complete refund.

Tuition: $400.00

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