Would You Like More Clarity in One or
Two Key Areas of Your Life?

Experience Yourself as Whole,
Perfect Being that You Are and ...

Receive Clarity and Break Free:

“I spent some time with Ken Stone today and received clarity in several key areas that had been holding me in limitation and keeping me small. I feel stronger than I've felt in a long time. Thanks Ken.” 
-- Kevin Houchin, Attorney & Author, Fort Collins, Colorado

Receive Spiritual Clarity:

"Gratitude Ken, for facilitating the group session last evening. It was, in a word, magnificent. Your open heart is a gift to all those whose lives you touch. So much synchronicity with your guidance and what has been coming to me intuitively over the past while ... the practices I have been doing on my own of breathing and moving through my root chakra. I watched as my body knew just what to do. Sooo amazing to experience it together. I love how we are all connected and were at such a deep level last evening.  Your feedback was always so tuned in to where I was at in the experience which my mind
enjoyed :)"
-- Nancy Mills - Toronto, Canada

"The experience last night was a huge leap for me. Swimming with the whales and even being one with the plankton was different for sure. The biggest jump for me was the thought that it is time to BE the knower and not the seeker anymore. All that I know/need is inside me. I sense there is still some surrender stuff to process as with the intention setting one side of the jaw still contained some anger. Of course its gone now." -- Beryl Wood - Wellington, Canada

Receive Clarity Around Abundance:

"I have been unemployed for 9 months. I have sent out applications daily or at least several times a week and only had one call in August. On Tuesday about 1 1/2 hours before the group session I received a call and had an immediate phone interview for a job in my field. She called back just before the session and I have an on-site interview tomorrow morning. Then Wednesday I received another call and I have an interview in Portland on Monday with a different company!!!

I believe it was the freeing up of the fear energy that opened the channels for these prospective employers to call me. Love it!" -- Pat Furay - Coquille, Oregon

Receive Clarity Around Your Physical Body:

Following a Live Group Session:

"Thanks Ken, first reflections many physical adjustments were done, my breathing got deeper and the green color morphed into purple. My crown chakra always opens up to receive Spirit and the Healing ones. My legs have good motion and my hip stopped hurting and is still comfortable."

Receive Relationship Clarity:

Then, after listening to a replay of the same Group Session:

"Tonight I listened to the replay and it couldn't have been more pivotal. After listening to the recording, a relationship resolved itself after months of uncertainty." -- Nancy Alter - Renton, Washington

Receive Intuitive Clarity:

"Perhaps the coolest thing that happened for me was that while we were working on the 4th Chakra (in a group session), when complete with that area, it was really glowing and warm for me. It felt like a bunch of IcyHot had been put directly into my chest there. It was a really cool, new sensation. More proof that what you are doing has a practical, this-world, positive affect (not that you need it, but interesting for me for sure.)" -- Scott Beasley - Fort Collins, Colorado

Now you can open yourself to these
experiences and much more:
2/15/11 at 6p.m. MST, in a Group
Session with Ken Stone.

**Phone and web connection available for world-wide participation **
** Use Denver, Colorado for your world time clock adjustment **

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Ken has one of the most beautiful and gentle souls I've ever known. He is like a master tuner of fine instruments with ability to energetically touch the physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies and re-tune them to the Divine perfection that they are meant to naturally be.

-- Rachael Jayne Groover, Founder: The Yin Project
Author: Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract The Attention you Want.


He is regularly referred to as one of the most powerful healers in the world today – even a living master. As Ken would point out, aren’t we all?

His friends and clients know him as “Big Ken” and “Sugar Bear” – the person they can always count on for connection and an big hug. A radio producer once suggested that Ken was a “linebacker for the Divine.”

When Ken opens up the conduit he is, between the Divine and the group or individual he is working with, an experience that defies words results. It doesn’t stop people from trying:

Ken Stone


I think the better word for what Ken does, is "bless." Truly, I feel the angelic, fairy, and ascended masters present and assisting Ken during his sessions! I have had some wonderful healing work done on me by some very powerful healers and Ken is, bar none, THE most powerful healing force I have ever encountered. Truly, truly amazing and miraculous! Whoa!

-- Angelique Love Singer - Aurora, Colorado

I want to thank Ken so much for the amazing session yesterday. I have to tell you, I don't think I have ever felt such peace, such calm. It is amazing and Ken is amazing. I am so grateful for him!

- D.V.

I used to always feel like I had a hole in my heart and Ken helped me clear an energetic dagger from my heart. After that, I was able to feel true gratitude for the first time in my life.

- R.K.

I felt so much better after my session with Ken. I've been protecting myself from so much over these past months that I forgot how it felt to feel normal again. Ken helped me remember that. Thank you, Ken, from the bottom of my heart for helping me feel whole again.

-- Francine Formanek

Pure Magic ~ After one private session with Ken, my entire body was tingling with vitality and energy. Emotional pains and limitations that I'd carried for a lifetime had magically disappeared. It was the most magical experience I'd ever had.

- D.B.

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Align yourself with the Divine and Open The Door To What You WantChange your life.

Tune your body, mind, and soul to the frequency of the Divine at the same time
and fully experience the peace and joy that lie deep within you.

With this group session, you’ll have a deeper experience of your authentic self than you’ve ever had before.

You’ll experience what best selling spiritual author Eckhart Tolle calls “the Peace of God” first hand.

You’ll learn that the Peace of God is available within you all the time. And you’ll have a resource that will help you return to that place whenever you want.

You will experience the feeling of your heartbeat matching the heartbeat of the universe, and the extraordinary soul tuning that results.

You will be tuned to the frequency of the Divine. And amazing things will start to happen in your life.

The Life You Want

When we are out of alignment, we see proof of that nearly everywhere we look.  When we operate from alignment,
everything works as it was designed to. 

Reserve your spot. Block the 90 minutes. Call in - or log in to the webcast - get comfy in a chair or lay down in your bed - and get ready.

Your guide for this experience is Ken Stone. Ken has been exploring his extraordinary spiritual gifts for three years. In this short time he has facilitated personal transformation and impacted the lives of more than one thousand people all over the world.

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With This Group Session
You Get:

60-75-Minute Group Session on 2/15/11 at 6p MST - available via tele-conference and webcast for world-wide participation.

The session will be recorded - and you'll get a copy of each so you can review, re-experience, re-tune, and experience anew whenever you want.


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"Ken Stone's gift is to open the doors which allow you to connect with your God-Essence or True-Self. During this reunion, Ken facilitates the healing of soul wounds and provides the opportunity for soul retrieval. The process is uncomplicated and profound. Any number of emotions can arise from the client during this time and all are allowed without fear, judgment or expectation. Express them freely as you find your way back to your Source. Then feel grief and sorrow fade as reunion to Source emerges. In this safe space you are easily guided to reconnect to the God that is within you, as well as all around you. All illusions of separation become transparent."

-- Katarah Udarro - Fort Collins, Colorado